What is the best posture to work in front of the computer?


The human body is not designed to spend long hours sitting down, nor to remain in uncomfortable positions in which muscles are repeatedly stretched and contracted. The reality is that most jobs today subject the body to perform these types of activities. To avoid any type of injury or pain, it is important to guarantee certain ergonomics in the office so that doing all the work in that space is more bearable and healthy. Do you know what are the key points to take into account to guarantee the best possible posture in the office?

How to sit correctly?

Here are several key points: wrists and forearms should always rest on the desk, legs should be at a 90-degree angle, and feet should always rest firmly on the floor . If the seat is very high, a footrest can be used.

the workspace

The workplace must be wide enough so that you can avoid inappropriate postures to answer the phone and move files. The phone should always rest within reach of your non-dominant hand . The top of the computer should be at eye level and the keyboard angled or ergonomic.


The ideal is to have a large desk that allows you to comfortably rest your forearms and a chair with armrests , which is stable, adjustable in height and has wheels, a lumbar curve and seats with curved edges.

monitor distance

The monitor should be tilted and slightly below our line of sight and an arm's length away . It is important to note that the inclination of the monitor must be 10 or 20 degrees and that the light from the workstation comes from the side and not directly above the computer.

Keep on moving

It is essential to take a break of a few minutes at least every hour. It is always a good excuse to stop for water or a coffee . During this time, it is advisable to perform basic stretches, such as relaxing the shoulders, stretching the forearms, making circular movements with the wrists and stretching the spine by touching our ankles while we remain seated in our chair.

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