Guide to Maintain Order on your Computer


We all want to feel comfortable and something important to achieve this is to have a clean and orderly work and leisure space, in which we know where everything is located and can access it quickly and efficiently. Since the computer is often the space in which we work, but which we also use to have fun watching movies or surfing the net for simple pleasure, it is very important that it is in optimal conditions to do what we need efficiently . Next, we share with you several points to consider to keep your computer tidy:

clear the desk

The desktop is the first thing we see when turning on the computer, it welcomes us and is usually the place on the computer where there is the most movement of files. We use it to have the files and applications that we need to have on hand . That's why it's important to delete any files we no longer need or allocate new space to them quickly.

If it is difficult for us to keep this space clean, there is the alternative of using a folder that fulfills the function of the Desktop .


If we make sure to always make a backup of all the files on our computer , it will be much easier to delete them with peace of mind, since this offers us space to regret or change our minds about the destination of our files . These backups or backups can be saved on an external hard drive or in the cloud in applications such as Dropbox. A free way to store on the internet, even if it doesn't offer a lot of space, is with Google Drive.


The folders will give structure to your computer, it is important that you plan how many you will need to keep all your files separated and ordered according to the function they fulfill : movies, series, music, documents or applications. From these categories, the possibilities of subclassification depend on the needs of each person.

In the OS and Windows operating systems (since Vista) there is a folder for downloads, where any file that we download from the internet is stored at first. Ideally, we should promptly assign a definitive place to everything we download to keep this folder clean. This is sometimes complicated, just like in a room, everything accumulates if we don't keep it in its proper place right after using it.


We can focus on three important points: cleaning up duplicate files (this will probably take a while, but it is necessary to keep our computer with only what we really need); delete old files : these always accumulate, evaluate: have you needed them in the last 6 months? If the answer is no, delete them; last but also very important is external cleanliness : the basic rule is not to eat or drink near the keyboard. With a vacuum cleaner, you can clean all the accumulated dust, there are also cloths and special cleaning products to clean the screen and the rest of the equipment.

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