Why is it Important to have Leisure Moments to be more Productive?

There are many times when responsibilities and commitments take over our days, delegating only a portion of it to us. When we return home we notice that we do not have time for ourselves, we usually arrive exhausted due to a complex day, we try to rest and almost immediately the day pressures us once again with a set of responsibilities that we do not know how to face.

All this not only leads us to a situation of constant fatigue and it is that we feel that we live in an eternal boxing ring where we do not stop fighting, where not only we cannot defeat the opponent but also the tasks we have constantly consume our energy. vitality, emotionality and spirit. We know well that there are certain elements that we want to fulfill, among them one of the most important at the State level is productivity, but how can we be more productive if we do not have the necessary time to rest?

Here lies the importance of leisure , devoting time to it and rest, which are configured as equally important elements as productivity. According to Socrates "moments of leisure are the best of all acquisitions", the truth is that the Greeks gave a twist to the concept of leisure and therefore we today in our century are obliged to do it in the same way For philosophers, leisure, far from being harmful, is the moment in which we take a space away from fulfilling our responsibilities to dedicate it to reflection, science and improving spirituality.

With this concept, the philosophers explained that it is precisely these moments that grant us greater physical and mental freedom, fulfill our desires and aspirations; devoting time to do what we enjoy is far from being a disadvantage, on the contrary it allows us to nourish our minds, gives us greater vitality and strength to face the possible challenges that the coming days bring us and also makes us more productive. It is during these spaces that our neurons are oxygenated, thus emerging the most brilliant ideas, the most beautiful and impressive artistic works and the inventions that have managed to raise society to the point we have reached today.

It is often thanks to leisure that we can achieve productivity in the fulfillment of our tasks, which is sometimes the answer to how to be more productive? The reason for this is that we usually not only feel good after a time dedicated to ourselves (leisure time) but also have the energy to assume the commitments and responsibilities that day to day offers us; in this sense, we look at them with greater impetus, with more joy and vitality, we dedicate a greater level of effort and we tend to achieve success in them more quickly; It is here, therefore, that the importance of leisure lies in order to achieve the desired levels of productivity.

Investing at least part of our days, whether on weekends to carry out recreational activities or simply to enjoy a well-deserved meal, will allow us to reactivate the energies we possess, thus finding solutions to problems more quickly and easily. our problems. If you ever feel that you must find a way to grow if you are looking to be more productive, this advice may seem unheard of and even a little strange, but the best solution or one of the best tips we can give you is to spend a little of your busy time in carrying out activities that we generally place within the category of leisure but that in reality constitute moments of dedication to yourself.

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