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For nearly a century, the X-ACTO® name has been synonymous with precision cutting. From the early years, when X-ACTO surgical blades were saving the lives of American soldiers, to today, when you can find X-ACTO cutting tools and office supplies in art studios, homes, offices, and classrooms all over the world. country, X-ACTO has been the first choice when precision and quality are important.

X-ACTO honed its first blades and knives from the highest quality steel, designing them for maximum sharpness and durability. While that hasn't changed, the breadth and variety of products we offer has expanded with the needs of our customers. Generations of crafters, teachers, hobbyists and artists, office professionals, students, and moms have turned to X-ACTO for the high-quality precision tools they need to pursue their livelihoods, fulfill their passions, and bring projects to life. , creations and memories.
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